A few years ago now we bought a cargo bike, we live on the south coast just outside Brighton on Shoreham beach; a peninsula of land with river and sea on either side.  The small town of Shoreham by Sea is accessible by a new, wide foot bridge which has made cycling even more attractive.  To drive into town involves a lengthy route around by road and  I love the freedom of cycling over the bridge and glancing over at the road (Norfolk) bridge which is often nose to tail in traffic.

My bike is a Christiania; it has two bench seats inside the large box on front,  I can accommodate up to 4 kids and underneath one of the bench seats I have plenty of lockable storage.  I have a waterproof canopy attached to a metal frame that fixes onto the bike and can easily be removed and stored on the bike when not in use.

I absolutely love chucking the kids into the bike and whizzing them around to school, I don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park or all the stress that goes with that, it is free to run and helps to keep me fit!  When it’s chucking it down (as invariably it often is on the school run) I can just put on my wet weather gear (ok, I look a bit like a deck hand) and park the bike right outside the door into the classroom.  The kids are nice and dry inside the box ..

Yes, I’ve had some daft comments “stop me and buy one love” but most comments are really positive and in awe of the bike.  It really is fabulous when you have young children and they love riding in it..

Which brings me to say that for one lucky reader I have a £200 voucher off the price off a nice new shiny bike from London  Green Cycles.  Just comment below telling me why you would like one of these amazing bikes and tag me in and share this post.  The winner will be announced on Monday on the blog, good luck!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jules xx

9 thoughts on “My cargo bike and why I love it so much

  1. Hi Jules, great bike!
    We live in Hove and bought a cargo bike last summer and really enjoying it. We did venture up to Shoreham a couple of times so perhaps sooner or later we are going to meet up on a cycling track….
    I have written a guide about buying a cargo bike, and perhaps some of your readers may find it interesting:
    Happy cycling!

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    1. Hi, yes it’s a great bike, worth every penny because I hardly use the car now.
      I’m away at the moment but as soon as I am home would love to put your link on my post if that’s ok? Thanks so much for your interest and comment and enjoy your cycling! Jules


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