For some reason this year I seem to have hardly any physical cards in my mantelpiece. Is it because I don’t have any friends? Um, don’t think so, admittedly family members are dwindling (death, divorce..etc)  but I can’t put it down to that. I have had a sudden surge in numbers of e-cards and Facebook announcements letting me know that cards will not be sent this year in lieu of donations to charity.

But you know the bit I miss most? The round robin.  The gift that just keeps giving: “Sebastian (new grandson) has wide shoulders and long legs .. because of this we have put his name down for Cambridge ..his uncle, a pole vaulting champion also has his eye on him for the future ..”  

Has the round robin been replaced by Facebook? The 24/7 social media tool to keep the whole world updated on potentially every facet of your lives .. a window into another persons world.  Or is it? Do any of us present the reality on social media or do we just present an image we are comfortable for others to see?

I think it is sad in a way that we are all so time poor now that we can’t take a bit of time out to sit down and write a few cards (and actually in a recent poll 58% of people admitted that they would be offended and feel unloved if they didn’t receive a card in the post) just consider how much it means to someone living alone… I suppose before too long sending e-cards will be considered too time consuming.  Instead we might receive an impersonal snap chat “hi !!”

What do you think about the death of Christmas cards? Or do you still send them ? How do you feel about receiving messages via social media? I would love to hear your views on this, please scroll down to comment below ..

Seasons greetings from Jules (via WordPress) xx

8 thoughts on “Christmas cards are just so last century ..

  1. I still send them! Only a couple, but I love writing and posting (but not paying for expensive stamps!) cards as well as receiving them to put them up on the card holder. I think you’re right about how things are moving forward, from cards to ecards to probably a snap chat ‘hi’ in future! x

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  2. I only send them to a select few who I think perhaps could be lonely at Christmas. I no longer send them to everyone as I think we use a lot paper of in December so I’m trying to do my bit and cut down on paper we use. x

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  3. Do you know I’ve said exactly the same this year. So many people “giving to charity instead”! Why not do both? Charities sell christmas cards. I think it’s laziness. Although there is an element of eco-consciousness.

    I sent this this year. Not only that but I found a lovely 60 word verse from Norman.W.Brooks that I hand wrote in everyone’s card. Mainly because it does feel a bit pointless sending a card just to say “love from so and so”. It was much appreciated by everyone.

    In hindsight I could have printed it out and stuck in it but I think it shows the thought and effort that went into it. Plus it reminded me why they used to tell us at school to write stuff down when revising. ^0 cards later and I now know that verse off by heart lol

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    1. What a lovely touch. What is the title of the verse?
      I agree, I love getting a card especially when it contains a personal message. Otherwise it does seem a bit pointless especially when I never hear from that person!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post x

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      1. It’s……

        Christmas is forever,
        Not for just one day,
        For loving, sharing, giving,
        Are not to put away,
        like bells and tinsel,
        in some box upon a shelf.
        The good you do for others,
        Is good you do yourself.

        Norman.W. Brooks.

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  4. Christmas cards are horrendous for the environment. Buying them, sending them, and then getting rid of the buggers. So we’ve given to charity instead for several years now and it’s a win for the environment, a win for the charity and a win for me because I don’t have the time or the inclination to sit and write eleventy billion cards.

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