So, Christmas is officially over. I always think these few days between Christmas and New Year are the worst; I am in a no man’s land of sorts – wading through discarded wrapping paper and empty Amazon boxes, I don’t know what day of the week it is and I’m wandering aimlessly around the house not knowing what to do with myself: “are the shops open? Shall we go to the sales? Is there anything I need? Shall we go for a walk? Anyone for cheese and biscuits? Have you seen the pickled onions? Who ate the last green triangle out of the quality street tin? cup of tea/glass of wine anyone?” I’m tripping over huge amounts of garish plastic ‘toys’, plates littered with mince pie crumbs, empty red wine glasses, and I never want to see another glass of mulled wine again, or at least until next August when it all starts again.

Easter stuff is in the shops now, we’ve only just celebrated Jesus’s birthday, now we’ve got to start thinking about his death and resurrection.

Ignore me, I just being grumpy again. I did feel a bit Christmassy at one point – on Christmas Day morning when I had Buck’s Fizz with my cornflakes, it’s slightly out of the norm so it kind of hit me then.

Prior to that eureka moment I’d been feeling a bit too relaxed, I later discovered that was because I’d forgotten practically everything you are ‘expected’ to buy at this time of year – crackers/sprouts and mince pies. My stubborn refusal to make any lists  this year had come back to bite me on the bum – I’d even run out of loo rolls.

Somehow I managed to bluff my way through the ‘festivities’ (the kids certainly didn’t care that nothing was perfect) – they had presents to occupy them and chocolate coins to graze on, we have watched the Nightmare before Christmas, Elf, ET, Mr Bean etc, we have played trivial pursuits, light sabre battles and built lots of Lego.

I’m really rather happy that I don’t have to hear another Christmas song again for another 363 days, suffer testing relatives (the peace and goodwill lasted a while before the discord and strife reared it’s ugly head). I can finally have some time to myself to indulge in some of the tele/radio shows I have missed and, read – finally catching up with what’s going on in the world…

And, on a positive note this year I haven’t been lumbered with a load of gifts I don’t want (eg A Remington fuzz away or electric grout cleaner that actually has come in really handy – for exfoliating my legs)

Anyway, it is all over now, thankfully, for another year. I might feel a bit flat but now all the stresses have gone all that is left to do is to relax…

And breathe …

Jules xx

2 thoughts on “Crimbo : the aftermath (a grumpy woman’s view)

  1. Hahahah this made me chuckle (and who would have thought a grout cleaner could be so multi-functional!) I join you in the grumpy corner in being happy it’s all over for another year! Lovely photos though, and it sounds like the family all had lots of fun things to do together; perhaps it was the lack of light sabre battles that made our Christmas less enjoyable this year, I’ll have to remember that for next year’s festivities. x

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