Are you looking for stocking filler ideas for your kids? If, like me, you are fed up with buying plastic tat that just ends up being gathered into a bin bag after a few weeks of lying discarded on the floor of your kids bedroom then you might be willing to make some inexpensive presents, or scale back a bit on the stocking fillers (I feel the same way about party bags now).

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas to make some relatively inexpensive items, time (or lack of) is always an issue, but if I do have chance I might try and give some of them a go, and, I’ve tried to steer clear of too much rubbish (but let’s face it you don’t get much for less then a fiver). I’ve decided to cut it back a bit this year in favour of putting cash towards more substantial, lasting presents.

And, to save you some time, all you need to do is click on the photo to take you to the site to buy. No traipsing around the shops, it’s all available online and I’ve done the hard work for you.

amazon prime is a godsend at this time of year. I bought an inflatable limbo stick for a birthday party and all the kids loved it, so you might well see some use post Xmas. And, yes, I have popped a couple of games in here, not strictly stocking fillers but could be used to bulk your stocking out a bit, add volume and therefore actually no more expensive then filling it with a load of cheap tat:

I love browsing Etsy for presents, I have a little man who eats, sleeps, breathes Lego. If I buy soap and crayons it’s at least going to used as apposed to lying around gathering dust …and yes, I’ve put some sweets in there because, hey – it’s Christmas and the same theory can be applied; they are consumables and not likely to be discarded under the bed.

H&M is great for kids room bits eg cushions, duvet covers, pjs, onesies, slippers etc …all great stocking fillers, and, you can even use a new pillowcase for the stocking. Can you tell that my little man is into Star Wars at the moment ?

And how about a nice cosy onesie? Try to maxx online for these ones:

And if you click over to my Pinterest page you will find ideas for homemade presents. These mice are just so adorable!

And, ok, a bit extravagant for a stocking but – I do like to pop a Christmas outfit in (remember these are not just for Christmas, I hate saving the best stuff in the wardrobe largely unworn) My daughter will love this dress from mango.So there you have it, a few ideas to inspire. Remember to try to think about longevity and select the type of tat that might last more then ten minutes. Good luck with that one!

Jules x

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