Now I don’t actually get to go out that much at all lately (everyone say ah …) but, if I was going to an endless round of Christmas parties I would wear something like this …

Or this …

With some high waisted black straight leg jeans…

With either of these on my feet …

Holding a clutch (I have this one, it’s a classic and gets wheeled out every time I go out)

I’m not one for a lot of bling, these would be enough …

If you don’t fancy the metallic blouses, try a silk camisole with a tuxedo jacket…

And all of these items including where to buy (all items are current) can be found on my Pinterest page.

Have fun!

Jules xx 💃💃

2 thoughts on “Christmas party outfit

  1. Nice choices. I quite like the idea of picking out bits I would wear to a party, as that’s the closest I’d come to wearing them or attending any parties or social outings this year I think! I like black for being classic, quite understated, and easier to style, though my feet would never let me wear those shoes. I think I’d still end up in Converse or Dr Martens boots! 🙂 x

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