A quick post today because I am on holiday – just thought I would share with you my choice of school shoe for girl and boy kid.  When I was a kid I was frog marched off to clarks to be kitted out in these hideous monstrosities, the clarks moover – always in taupe year in year out. Sorry mum but I hated them.

I’ve just ordered some nice shoes for my kids because I know the sizes I need sell out fast and although this isn’t the most exciting retail therapy it has to be done.  Personally I can’t stand most of the ugly options out there and having spent silly money in the past only to watch the shoes last a term if that (my kids are tough on their shoes) I now go for cheaper options.  M&S have just introduced half sizes, offer wide and narrow fittings and have a handy online fitting tool so there really is no need to toddle off to clarks (how I hate clarks kid fitting room hell – crowded and full of screaming kids and stressed out parents.  Start rite is full of Waitrose mummies “can you wiggle your toe Olivia? Walk up and down in them Sebastian! No you cannot have the ones with heels!!”)

I’ve just ordered these simple Mary Janes from M&S.  No embellishments, no patent. Just the way I like them… previously I have ordered these…

From Alex and Alexa, they are a beautiful buttery soft leather but a bit pricey and I think the M&S ones are a great alternative.
For the boy I have ordered these (also from M&S):

I much prefer the trainer look to a chunky black Cornish pasty like heavy thing, lighter and comfier too.  I also like these

And last year little man had black trainers by geox and they held up well despite the daily scoot to and from school when the toes are used as brakes.  I really like these ones

So there you have it.  Boring, but get them ordered now and you won’t have any stress later trying to get something in their size. I noticed when I was editing this post that some sizes are selling fast.

I’ll be giving you a few more posts on kids clothes and kitting them out for school in the coming week, so stay tuned and I’ll do the hard work for you,  I will provide options to suit all budgets and my edit should save you having to traipse around the shops.  

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Jules x

3 thoughts on “School shoes edit

  1. The ones you like? What about what the children want or like? Do you think you’re daughter will be writing about the horrible shoes her mum made her wear to school years from now? 😉😄😄

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