I thought I would give you a quick run down of how I plan and pack our clothes.  (As mentioned in previous post mr family blog has perfected his own technique in this department – its called the smash and grab (simply stuff a spare rucksack with a pair of underpants, toothbrush and Gillette for men deodorant and you are good to go).

I need to put a bit more thought and effort into the whole process, and this is kind of the formula I stick to (I’m hoping for heat and sunshine).

If you have time it really pays to lay stuff out on the bed first.  Take enough undies for one week (I always do a wash whilst I’m there). Take interchangeable separates, comfy shoe options (crocs or flip flops are great for the shower)  one ‘best’ outfit, a raincoat and a jumper for chilly evenings.

Girl kid

Enough underwear for 1 week


Plimsolls, sandals and flip flops.  And how about these beauties for poolside chic?

They also come in lilac available here

Beach towel hoodie thing (H&M have a great range)


4 pairs shorts.  The white broderie anglaise are current H&M 

T shirts and blouses including some with long sleeves.  The liberty print ones are from uniqlo.

A pretty summer dress…(current m&s)

…2 swimming costumes and flip flops (H&M)

Sandals, beach towel (sandals are current mango kids)

2 pairs long trousers and a jumper for evening …(khaki trousers are from mango kids, cream jumper and jeans are from uniqlo)

Boy kid
(Same as above) plus:

4 pairs shorts, 4 t shirts, a couple of linen shirts (I picked up a great one in H&M this week) swimming shorts, sunhat, utility jacket, 1 jumper, one sweatshirt, pair of sandals and a pair of plimsolls (shoes from m&s, sandals £4 in the sale from H&M, next are fab for t shirt multipacks)

And rain jackets just in case.  The navy one is from la redoute and the clear one is from mango kids


In the past I have just stuffed a load of stuff into a bag and hope for the best.  Often I find nothing cooardinates and I’ve missed stuff.  It does pay to check that everything ‘goes’ with each other and that you have enough tops especially in the heat (I don’t mind wearing bottom half stuff again but I like a fresh top each day)

I absolutely love my khaki vintage army shorts, they look great with everything. The white cotton lace detail blouse was £13 in the sale at m&s.  The appliqué blouse is old H&M. Khaki trousers and denim shorts are from gap. Band t shirt from Amazon. 

You can find brand new cashmere m&s seconds on eBay.  Uniqlo also regularly have great offers on cashmere jumpers, I size up and prefer to go for the men’s (for extra comfort and slouch)

Dresses are a mixture of charity shop, mango outlet (so cheap!) and m&s sale.

And for my feet I take trusty white converse, tan sandals and flip flops.

Jules x

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