We popped to the pick your own this morning and I gathered a wonderful haul; the kids loved picking raspberries, blackberries and plums.

We have just arrived home and I had to whisk up something quick for lunch. I wanted to incorporate as much of the wonderful fresh veg in as possible and I love tapas at this time of year, both these dishes can be made and then eaten later.

Patatas bravas

I scrubbed the new potatoes, part boiled them

And then pan fried them in olive oil…

Meanwhile I sauted a chopped red onion in a glug of olive oil, added 2 large bulbs of fresh garlic (chopped) continued to sauté for a couple of minutes and then added a tin of tomatoes, a desertspoonful of fresh rosemary, a pinch of chilli flakes, a desertspoonful of paprika, a glug of red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.  I left this in a low heat to reduce whilst I got on and made the frittata …


I added a glug of olive oil to a pan and sauted a grated courgette, carrot, a handful of chopped spring onions, sweet corn and finely chopped french beans. In a bowl I whisked 5 eggs with a teaspoon of freshly chopped mint, salt and pepper.

I poured the egg mixture into the vegetables once they were softened. I popped a tight fitting lid on the top of the pan. Once the base of the frittata was set (poke a knife in to check) I grated some cheese on top and popped it under the grill to cook the top.  When the top was cooked I bought it out from under the grill, left it to cool a bit before slicing it into segments.

You can pour the sauce over the potatoes to serve and mix. 

Works well served with a green salad and nice glass of chilled white wine.

Al fresco dining, it’s the best …

Enjoy 😊 

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