I’m ‘clean eating’ today and nope that doesn’t mean everything’s got to be sterilised like when I had little babbas in the house (and I didn’t bother then either – what’s wrong with a bit of dirt?) clean eating actually means (I think) that I’m not allowed to eat any of my favourite grub (joy😐)

It’s tough cos I’m still cooking carbs and shovelling ice cream into the kids (I’m the easy life kind of parent, be good and you get a biscuit kind of mamma) to make it easy for me to get my fix of clean I’ve come up with this …

Basically grab a Kilner jar (or similar), chuck some miso soup paste and soy sauce in the bottom and break in some vermicelli noodles, chop up some tofu, grate a carrot, finely chop some spring onions and fresh coriander, mushrooms …

Pop on the kettle, fill her up, mash about a bit with a fork and hey presto…

Dinner/lunch is ready. 

Yum 👅 and so so easy and quick 


Feeling wholesome and healthy,

Jules 😇

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