The other weekend we had an impromptu stay at the pop up campsite.  The company run sites at a few locations near by, we opted for the river side option with activities thrown in. 

Now… when I received the ‘bushcraft menu’ I must admit that I was a bit thrown by the deer/rabbit killing and skinning bit.  Further enquiries reassured me that this gruesome option was only for the hardcore caveperson and as we were staying on a predominately family site mr stig would be sticking to bow and arrow making for our kids.  Fine, I thought and ticked the box on the booking form indicating interest x2 kiddies.

Little did I know that this ‘tick’ in the box was insufficient to register my interest and that I needed to follow it up with a telephone call to the outsourced outfit that provide the bushcraft activities. To cut a long story short our kids missed out on this and despite the fact that stig was visiting the campsite to make bows and arrows with other kiddies he refused to allow our kids to join in. Huge disappointment and most irritating.

Never mind, moving swiftly on…

The site itself is basic but beautiful. And it’s position (a 5 min walk to the river) is fab. On the Sunday we hired a canoe from and paddled upstream for a bit which was surprisingly relaxing (even with 2 kids and a dog in a single boat).  

I like the way they don’t let cars on site (campervans like ours are only allowed on specific pitches on the perimeter).  It makes the site much safer for children.  The site has a visiting pizza van, and we enjoyed a couple of tasty pizzas on Friday evening.  It also has tyre swings for the kids and the bow and arrow making looked great (from afar).

This is a lovely small site yet the facilities are far better and more plentiful then I have seen on larger sites.  The composting toilets were clean and convieniently dotted around the perimeter of the site so you never needed to walk far, the same with the showers and dishwashing sinks.  The showers were a real surprise, they were gas, powerful, hot and plentiful.  

I would definitely recommend this site if staying with children, it had a lovely safe family feel to it with lots of kids enjoying all that was on offer.  My only gripe was the mix up over the bushcraft booking and the inflexibility there, but forewarned I’m sure that you could have a great time if you double checked your booking.

Please note – my review is an honest account of our stay; I do not accept payment or stay in lieu of a favourable review… I just want to pass on helpful info and always love to hear recommendations for campsites from you guys so please feel free to get in touch either by commenting below or via email:

Thanks 😊

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