Really? Yes, well even if I don’t end up looking like this…

From this …

I’m not fussed.  I just want to lose some blubber and improve my energy levels.  I’m no fan of exercise and I love my food.  But… just lately I’ve been feeling really sluggish and everything feels like an effort.  Some days I find myself hitting 3pm needing a nap and by the time I’ve got the kids into bed I’m bushed. 

Gavin Walsh, personal trainer based in Brighton 

Enter Gavin Walsh – with his help I’m “getting the fattimus off my assimus” (his catchphrase).  At least, I’m giving it a go, because I’ve got nothing to lose (other then my fat arse of course).  Gavin is a big cheese on the fitness scene, having helped many clients over the years not just shed those extra pounds but alter their lifestyle so that they can enjoy a new level of fitness long term. 

Gavin has devised a plan for me all loaded cleverly on his Trainereze app, I can log in each day and check out my workout and eating plan, link in my favourite apps including MyFitnessPal (to log what I am eating) record my stats, photos and track my progress.  This is cool stuff and the bonus for me is that I can slot the exercises in at home when it suits me.  I’m much more likely to stick to this.

My track record previously …

I’ve tried gyms in the past.  Induction sessions by spotty youths young enough to be my kid, and then left to it – it hasn’t worked for me, mostly because I get bored very quickly and I hate exercising in front of other people.  I need to be able to slot exercise easily into my life.  


Gavin has worked out a plan, including a short manageable exercise program at home (each routine is no longer then 25 mins) and a healthy eating plan.  I’m finding it easier to fit it in after the school run in the morning, I then have the rest of the day…


I won’t call it a diet as such because it doesn’t involve any weighing or measuring it’s mostly just common sense healthy eating – although some of it sounds practically impossible : cutting out tea and massively reducing alcohol consumption!!  The good news is that gin is not too fattening so maybe I should start the day with a g&t instead? Nah …

I’m also cutting out wheat and reducing carbs massively.  Last night I really enjoyed our take away from the chippy, my last supper.  I’m not ruling out stuff like this again, ever.  That’s just bonkers, first I’m cooking for the kids and next I simply don’t want to live my life that way; but I am serious about wanting to feel better in myself because the lack of energy and weight gain has kind of got me down just lately.

On my Facebook page you will get daily updates of what I’m doing and I will be posting on here every week.  I’m not expecting to be size 0 (and frankly, I wouldn’t want to be) in 30 days but if I can regain some energy and kick start a more healthy lifestyle that would be fab.  

I hope you enjoy following what I am up to and maybe feel inspired to try a program yourself, if so Gavin can be contacted via his website  or Facebook page.  In the meantime, wish me luck and remember, there is always Dust! (thank you Dulcie x)

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