Yes.  Unless of course we want to raise a nation of couch potatoes that become a drain on the NHS.  That’s one view, and it’s all well and good but should there be some element of choice built into the sports curriculum at school? When kids are at primary school PE is fun, they play games and tend to keep it light hearted and non competitive.  When kids progress to secondary school sport becomes a bit of a chore, or at least it did for me …

Maybe things have changed since the 70’s and 80’s when I was a kid.  I was forced out to ‘play’ netball or hockey whether I wanted to or not.  And I didn’t.  I hate team games, I was the one standing there never selected until the very end to go on anyone’s team basically because I am rubbish at sports.  The ‘game’ itself was even more tiresome.  Standing on a concrete court with my arms in the air in a half hearted attempt to catch the ball, quite frankly I didn’t care whether I never got it because if by some sheer fluke I did, everyone stopped and stared at me whilst I stood rooted to the spot not knowing what the hell to do with the thing.  Inevitably I threw it to the ‘wrong’ person and got booed in the process.  Netball = routine humiliation and hockey was even worse.  The relay race on sports day was pure stressful hell, inevitably I let everybody down and nobody made me feel like all that mattered was the taking part.

My husband was really lucky and because he has similarly un-sportsman like qualities but with the other rejects he was taken abseiling, hiking and other interesting pursuits.  

Sports day.  Lots of sitting around on a tiny plastic chair that is excruciatingly uncomfortable for my child bearing hips for any length of time in the blazing heat.  And don’t ask me to do the mums race, why would I want to humiliate myself so publicly?  I’ve witnessed the racehorse mums competitively eyeing up the competition, I am a shire horse plodding next to some of these lean creatures and I’m not about to even try.  I’ve seen mums tripping over their Boden dresses and falling arse over tit at my eldests prep school, slipping discs and all sorts.  

And the kids? I think they should make it optional (e.g. after school for those that want to do it) and low key and non competitive at primary school.  Most primary schools get this, it’s also good to have some variety so that kids can pick and choose what they want to take part in, the sack race and egg and spoon are great fun and thats what this is all about, right? Right.  Whether you like it or not most of the time this isn’t about the taking part, it’s all about winning.

Happy mums and dads race,

Get in that training now and don’t forget your active wear!

Jules xx

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