Despite the horrendous atrocity in Manchester that has left a cloud over the day I have enjoyed a lovely relaxing birthday at home with Mr family blog.

When I said that I wanted a sea swim to kick off the day Mr family blog was horrified initially and nervously checked that I would be able to perform CPR if required.  This was my first sea swim of the year and yes,  it was bloomin cold and it didn’t pay to dither but it was amazing once the extremities had gone numb, we both stayed in for quite a while and the water was not as cold as anticipated.  It helped that we could run home for a hot shower afterwards before strolling along to the beach cafe for a fry up and seeing as it was my birthday I went for the full beachy head breakfast with Bloody Mary.  I felt I’d earnt it after that sea swim!

We then popped over the footbridge crossing the river to reach the real patisserie so that I could pick up one of their amazing cakes for tea to share with the kids.  This mango and lime cake tasted as good as it looked and I didn’t feel like baking today …

It has been a lovely day, low key but totally relaxing and spent in the best company.  

My thoughts are with those personally affected by the Manchester attack; a truly horrific crime.

In a reflective mood,

Jules xx

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