We are (reluctantly) en route home from holiday this evening and I’m dreading the return of school rush hell tomorrow morning.  How can I make the experience more appealing ? 

As I was walking along the beach Boardwalk near our house the other day I passed a woman with arms flailing in all directions on inline skates coming towards me, I jumped out of the way and let her sail past me with all the finesse of Todd Carty when he was in ‘dancing on ice’…

On the school run there is always the parent whooshing past me on a skateboard or ‘adult’ scooter swerving around expertly around on the pavement.  The hipster parent is normally kitted out in cool attire to complement their mode of transport.

When Samantha Cameron was photographed whizzing down Downing Street on her adult micro scooter to pick up the kids, she was ridiculed.  Never mind the fact that her husband was doing an excellent job of promoting the ridiculous brexit lie; of much more concern – what was SamCam wearing today? Gosh! said the Daily Mail she’s on a slightly bigger version of a kids toy!

So do these accessories add instant kudos or is it all a bit silly?  Personally, I think Chelsea tractors are a bit unnecessary on the school run.  At least these ‘cool’ vehicles have green credentials – they are not polluting our kids lungs and they also make a lot of sense, it is difficult keeping up with kids as they charge ahead and that’s why I do the school run on bike.  I do however struggle to understand the appeal of Pokemon go, and, yes, I have seen middle aged parents out on skateboards without kids furiously hunting for the cartoon critters.  But just because I don’t get it don’t let that stop you. I am a grumpy middle aged woman and I need to lighten up a bit (I know).

And, you know what does it really matter? If that mum was having fun on her rollerskates then why the hell not?   Ok, admittedly it’s better if you can look the part and be competent at what you are doing; falling flat on your face in front of the homemade cookie mummy gliding up on the double yellows outside school in her Lexus might be tad embarrassing, although my main concern would be breaking something, let’s face it, I’m not as agile or bendy as I once was.  Just getting up from the floor these days seems to be a bit of a challenge 😳

So, if it’s acceptable for grown ups to wear rollerskates is it ok to go on rollercoasters? Yes, of course! Why not? I can’t see any harm and why should I care? I’d rather stick pins in my eyes and prefer my lunch to stay in my tummy but I’m impressed by anyone that can stomach those things.  Parents on skateboards? Well that is just cool…especially if you are accompanying your kid.  Will your teenager be embarrassed of you? Teenagers are embarrassed by their parents most of the time; don’t let that put you off.

How do you do the school run? What is the most unusual mode of transport you have seen on your daily commute? 

Comment below …

Good luck everyone back to school this week, have fun on the way!

 Jules x

2 thoughts on “Why you are never too old to have fun …

  1. Hope you enjoyed the holiday & manage to survive the school run! This post made me chuckle, especially regarding SamCam’s much-ridiculed mode of transport. I don’t have children so I won’t need to make such important decisions regarding shoes vs skateboard vs rollerblades, but I think I need to lighten up a bit. There’s something to be said for appeasing your inner child, for caring a little less, for having a little more fun. That said, I’ll look elsewhere for that sense of joy rather than a scooter. x

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