My little man wandered past the rhubarb patch in the garden today and announced that he wanted to pick some and cook with it.  Ok, I said, why not, umm let’s think, how about a cake and some cocktails? Maybe a smoothie or milkshake too…

 I love picking and eating stuff that is in season, cooking straight from the veggie patch to the plate.  Rhubarb is so delicious, versatile and easy to grow (just cut it back each year and it keeps on coming back) we don’t have very much outside space, you don’t need it, the rhubarb grows in a patch beside the house amongst the flowers.  

I love mixing veg and fruit amongst other plants, For example I like to grow runner beans up the fence, strawberries at the foot of shrubs and herbs dotted around the place and not a specific designated spot.

So, we picked some rhubarb and set about making this cake:

I can’t take credit for the recipe, I found it here. I love the BBC site for cakes. It’s got a cinnamon crumble topping. Delicious 😋 its very easy, just takes longer to cook then anticipated.

And now to my concoctions, I stewed some rhubarb in elderflower and ginger cordial with a little water…(keep on lowest heat, lid on, fruit should sit on the liquid not swim in it)

To make a rhubarb coulis I whizzed it up when cooked.


Mix generous amount coulis with vanilla icecream, ice and milk. Taste. Add more cordial if too tart, or more coulis if not enough taste of the fruit.


Add coulis to cocktail mixer. combine with ice, gin and cordial, shake vigorously and strain into glass to make a short cocktail.  I would try adding cava to make a long drink.

Delicious.  Oh, and now it’s time for the washing up…

I have plenty of the rhubarb coulis left, in a bowl in the fridge, perfect for porridge and with pancakes in the morning or with ice cream for dessert tomorrow.  Or maybe some more cocktails 🍹 ?

Do you grow rhubarb? Do you have any recipes you would like to share? Please get in touch either by commenting below or by email or via any of my social media channels (links at top of page)

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Jules xx

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb cake and cocktails 

  1. Ooh this all looks delicious! I love the pictures of your little one getting stuck in and helping too. We aren’t green fingered at all so we don’t grow anything but my parents have an allotment and I think they’ve grown rhubarb before. I’ll have to suggest the cocktails next time they have some (hopefully I won’t still be pregnant by then 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Rhubarb is actually really easy to grow. I normally kill everything because I’m a bit rubbish in the garden too. Hope you get to enjoy some lovely cocktails when your baby is born! Wishing you all the best x


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