Monday is pony riding after school (the daughter – not me) my role is merely to chauffeur her to the stables. This requires some forethought re food to ensure that hanger doesn’t set in. The rugrats need to eat en route.

I get a bit bored of sandwiches but also want to give them something hot especially on cold days. Sometimes I make pizza, it travels well but more recently I’ve wanted to experiment on the portable dinner front. This is what I came up with today…

Veggie kebabs 

Take any veg that you fancy and think your little darlings might not declare ‘yuk’ at and chop some halloumi into blocks.  I also pre cooked some jersey royal new potatoes.  marinade  in olive oil, lemon juice and chopped mint (divide off half for the more refined pallets and add some chilli flakes).

Push veggies onto skewers (tip – presoak these to avoid them burning) and pop under the grill, turning during cooking to ensure veg is cooked.

Serve with pitta bread and a green salad.

These Kebabs also work well on the barbie and are perfect allotment food (i.e. To pick, cook and eat outside)

Enjoy 😊


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