Naturally my hair is a wonderful dark chestnut brown colour. It is very thick, hairdressers always marvel (moan) “wow, you have got sooo much hair!”  This is me, a few years ago now, on my wedding day with dyed hair.. (I had a red and purple streak put through the front to go with my dress, I thought it was very cool).  This look was created by my hairdresser at the time, Nigel, of buzby and blue in Chichester, I’d been going to him for years …

I have also inherited the family trait of going grey early on. My first grey’s appeared in my early twenties and I’m now about 9o% grey. Grey hairs are coarse and wire like buggers that resemble pubes. Also as you get older I have found that my skin tone has lightened and although for years I kicked against the ageing process dyeing my hair I am now forced to give in to the inevitable. I don’t want to be one of these women dyeing my hair into my old age, let’s face it it looks false and like a wig or a helmet. I’ve decided to embrace my greys and let them show, in fact I’ve decided to show them off! I love this look …

Yes, I’m older but I’m also a bit wiser and contented too and that’s something to celebrate. I’m working on this look with my fabulous friend and hairdresser Lucy Gabriel (it’s taken me a long time to find someone I like as much as Nigel since I moved but she is definitely the one) I am going to have a white/grey streak at the front…And yes, men can look really sexy with grey hair but so we can we, right?
We are working up to the darker look gradually and will eventually add in some grey/white streaks at the front, because I want something cool, I definitely don’t want to look like Theresa May.  And so far so good.  I love it, what do you think?

Feeling fabulous in my late fourties,

Jules xx

7 thoughts on “Embracing the greys, growing old gracefully …

  1. I’m also going grey after years of colouring and so far I’m very happy with the results.. I have had to go blonde first, as I did not want to grow out against my dyed Brown hair.. It has taken a year and a half to get my hair to the desired level of blonde that I feel confident with and I have cropped it to a short bob… I’m hoping now to have a full head of natural hair by next year… It’s lovely to be able to go to the hairdresser’s for a cut and not have to sit there for hours, fighting nature… I’m 36 so I’m so happy grey is trendy right now!

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