This Sunday I expect to be woken up at the crack of dawn by the rugrats and ‘pleased with himself for remembering man’ brandishing a tray of burnt toast spread very thickly with marmite and a plastic cup of orange squash.  I would actually love to be doing something wonderful and alternative for the day because I am bored with daffs stuffed in a vase or the standard box of milk tray.

Although I would love a break from the relentless preparation of meals I don’t actually find eating out with young kids very relaxing.  On the rare occasion we’ve tried it we have to bolt our food down in 10 minutes flat,  unable to taste the food as we shove it down our gullets.  Once the rugrats have sampled their meals and declared very loudly that “it’s ‘gusting” it’s time for them to start annoying other diners out for a romantic meal,  or maybe play the old favourite ‘let’s leg it out of the door onto the street game’, or, if this cunning plan is thwarted they may start arguing with each other or need a poo; mid meal of course.  Quite frankly I would rather have a meal cooked for me at home…

The forecast for the weekend is looking good and seeing as it’s now spring time we should probably do our annual trip to a farm, because yes folks, it’s lambing time.  The reality is not nearly as fluffy, more accurately it’s time to gawp at some poor ewes staggering about with afterbirth swinging between their back legs.  It is a raw experience.   If we are lucky enough we get to cuddle a new born lamb before it is packed off to the slaughterhouse, providing ‘elf and safety allows such things these days.  The last time I took the rugrats to a farm all the animals were behind impenetrable glass.  I always like to wear my ‘meat is murder t shirt’ to these events as it entertains me no end watching the face of the weather beaten farmer when she clocks it.  Priceless.  (Will these guys still get their subsidies now we are brexiting? I digress …)

I’m going to pack ‘middle of the road man’ (he reckons this label describes him best having read this post) off to M&S with the kids to buy me a present.  It’s important I provide him with some guidance in this task, a list, to ensure that he doesn’t stray off piste and buy me some goddam awful viscose nightie or something.  But just in case you get the wrong impression and think I’m materialistic or something I’m going to provide you with some suggestions for wholesome, purse friendly Mother’s Day gifts:

1). A day out in the sunshine.  The plan is to pile into our campervan and head to Hastings for a lovely day out (inspired by my friend Kristina) I love having the van, I’d like to park up on the seafront somewhere and have a brew taking in the view.  I envisage sitting in my deckchair watching ‘middle of the road man’ playing in the sand with the rugrats.  The reality might be quite different, but I am determined to be optimistic (more on this next week)…

2). Tickets to David Hockney at the Tate Britain (actually I’m going with my eldest to this and I can’t wait!) ok, this involves some cash but so worth it.  One of my greatest pleasures is wandering around a gallery.

3) I love homemade presents.  A painting by one of the kids, a favourite photo framed or a booklet of pics from a memorable day out would be perfect.

4) And, for the ‘last man’, I recommend making some smellies for your yummy mummy with the rugrats.  They will love getting messy and pongy.  You could turn it into a chemistry lesson! I have found lots of lovely bath bomb recipes online, some of the ingredients should be in your kitchen cupboards or quite easy to acquire at health shops or supermarkets …

5) wash the car and give it a hoover.  Always appreciated, one less chore for me! kids enjoy using the big sponges.  Prepare to get wet, wear coats and wellies

6) encourage mum to have a siesta after lunch, 40 winks or some time alone with my favourite book on Sunday afternoon would be fab, a cuppa on a tray afterwards would be amazing!

I hope I have given you some ideas of how you might like to spend your day.  Whatever you are doing I hope you have a lovely day and get chance to put  your feet up,

To all the wonderful mums out there – have a good one,

Love Jules xx

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