My kids love this tofu. 


So, yep I cheated (I already had it in) I also already had in some wok oil, soy sauce and rice vinegar for seasoning. You don’t need all of that – soy sauce is kind of essential but veg oil to cook in is just as good.

I chop up some of my kids favourite veggies. I use spring onions, root ginger and garlic as my ‘base’ so they are in there too.

 And I’ve attempted a video to demonstrate the cooking of this dish! I will get better at this hopefully…

I added a splash of soy sauce, brown rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil to the cooked dish but you don’t have to. My kids like a bit of soy sauce but that’s about it!

And here is the finished dish! 

Enjoy 😊 

4 thoughts on “Thank crunchie it’s Friday! Crunchy veggie stir fry with tofu

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