If you are anything like me you have stuff piled at the back of cupboards that has long been forgotten, is never used and is probably out of date.  My freezer has also become over crowded with leftovers that have long past their best.  I need a good clear out and take stock of what I have in before I can plan the meals for the week.

I also need to find a good system for storing food in the freezer, fridge and cupboards.  Ensuring that older stuff is rotated to the front and that everything is labelled clearly and easily accessible (the dream).  I know, this sounds like a really boring task,  but unfortunately it has to be done.  I’m going to try and make it fun and achievable, stick on the radio loud whilst I do it, sing along and do it in manageable chunks giving myself treats at the end of each clearing and cleaning slog.

I’m going to start with some retail therapy to get me motivated.  Currently I have bags of lentils, beans etc littering their contents in my cupboards.  I’m going to try storing pulses, sugar etc in something like these:

And something like this for storing rice and pasta would be handy.  Another item that always seems to be trying to escape from its packet!

And  these are brilliant for storing food in the freezer, using minimal space you can store leftovers and when you cook large quantities of food for another day you can easily decant into individual portion sizes (great for soup).

These are great for the pantry ..

I love this idea, I’m definitely going to be doing this, I think I’m going to use milk cartons because they will be more stable.

I’m going to look out in secondhand shoes for some vintage storage too because I prefer a mish mash of containers and colours…also love the labels.

Tomorrow I will be providing you with a weekly meal plan and a shopping list.  I am setting myself a target of keeping your weekly shop as low as possible, I have bought all the ingredients for next weeks meals from Aldi for £30.  Admittedly I will be using a few items that I already had in, I will add the value of these items to the shopping bill.  Join me during the week for daily recipes.  

And, as ever I would love to hear from you in the comments box below, please share your tips for keeping your weekly food bill down and kitchen storage hacks.

Let’s do this!

Jules xx

22 thoughts on “Saving money on your weekly food shop.  Step 1: Take stock of what you already have in.

  1. I infrequently do a ‘go through’ of what we have in the cupboards and freezer and it’s quite therapeutic to have a proper sort out! I’m a bit fan of Tupperware and plastic baggies too for storing food. Thanks for the reminder, will have to have another sort through tomorrow I think to ‘take stock’ of what’s what before going shopping again! x

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  2. I am exactly like you. So much in the pantry and some of them left expired. Really needed to clean them up. Ohh..i really love your idea to recycle the plastic bottle into food container. This is so cool. Wld steal your idea at home now. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, my freezer is a place for leftovers and food cooked in bulk for another day. I’m also going to be cooking for my daughter (school meals) from sept because she’s going into ks2 and loses free school meals. Chartwells charge £2.30 a day. I’m going to cook in bulk, freeze stuff and rotate it. Reckon I should be able to do it a lot cheaper!


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