So, what is a cake smash I hear you ask? Well until last weekend I had no idea too but I can honestly say that we had the most fun in ages.  I have never laughed so much…even though at times it did all feel a trifle ridiculous.

A cake smash is the latest genre of photography taking the parenting world by storm as parents flock to have their babies introduced to the world of processed sugar but does it work for larger kiddies and will adults embrace the trend too?

We have a lot of snaps of the kids but hardly any pictures of us all together as a family.  Sabrina Elizabeth Reed, photographer, has  recently expanded the cake smash idea into the family market.   And, as my husband (rather reluctantly) turned 50 this year this felt like the perfect opportunity.

The cake smash concept certainly helps to relax the client and make for natural unpoised shots (see the pic where I am trying to run away from my son tying to lob a load of butter icing at me)

I’ve found myself doing all manner of bonkers things since having children and this had to be up there as one of the most ridiculous activities I’ve ever done.  However, I have been desperate for years to have some nice family pictures taken of us. We’ve got plenty of pictures of the kids taken by us but little or no group shots, my middle daughter is extremely camera shy and was never in a million years going to agree to a traditional shoot.

We met Sabrina at Goring gap just outside Worthing, a beautiful unspoilt area of coastline.  The tide was out and rockpools were exposed, the sun made an appearance for us and it was really was a beautiful spot.


Sabrina began by taking pictures of us before we got “caked” to get us warmed up.  True to form my daughter hid and refused to take part in these pictures.

And then the cake came out,  instantly daughter was entranced and wide eyed, and, when Sabrina asked us to get stuck in daughter needed little persuasion.  Meanwhile Sabrina snapped away. Don’t expect to be provided with plates, spoons and napkins, you are expected to use you hands and mouth to tear hunks off these sugary concoctions.

We began hesitantly picking off the odd decoration …

And then little man showed us how to truly get stuck in …

The idea basically is to break off large fistfuls and either ram it in your own mouth or smear it on the faces of your unsuspecting companions.  Never mind your carefully applied make up, prepare to get messy, get stuck in and make the most of it, and as soon as you let your inhibitions go you will enjoy it! I did, although as the pics testify I was probably the reluctant one when it came to joining  in with the food fight.  The kids and my husband however had a ball!

And the pictures… I am blown away by our pictures, I honestly never thought we would be able to have shots taken of us together as a family, but even the most camera shy will get drawn in and forget the camera is there at all…J.Evans9

The shots are natural, not posed and remind me of a day of absolute hilarity

Sabrina can be contacted via her website >>here<< and for news and special offers visit the Facebook page here


Jules x

7 thoughts on “Cake smash family photo shoot

  1. Hah, this is brilliant! I’d only heard of a ‘cake smash’ shoot a couple of months ago but never have seen photos from one. Love it! I would have been a bit reluctant like you but you all glow and seem so happy in the photos, they look great 🙂

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