Another birthday in my family .. this time the turn of my son who turned 5 this month.  Little man is Lego obsessed so it felt rather appropriate to throw him a Lego themed party.

A couple of weeks before the party I frantically started pinning on Pinterest some ideas to keep the kids entertained besides the usual party games we played …

Lego racetrack

These are the simple cars we knocked up before the guests arrived.  The race track was drawn on the back of an old tablecloth and the kids chose a car to race around the track ..

Pin the head on the Lego man

This was made using the back of the end of a roll of wallpaper (for the body) and the head was drawn onto the back of a cereal packet.

T shirt painting

We also made stencils of Lego men (printed onto a sheet of A4 paper and then covered with sticky backed plastic) I bought a set of fabric paints from Amazon and a load of t shirts from asda for £1 each..the kids absolutely loved this and enjoyed taking their efforts home with them ..


By now the kids were getting hungry so it was time to visit the Lego pizza station! I made my own tomato sauce and they just had to pop it onto bases and choose their toppings …

And then they all sat down and had tea …

This filled up all of 10 minutes and then we were off again! Biscuit decorating this time…

Cookie decorating station

Guess the Number of legos in the jar

Wild guesses at this one, the winner got some sweets.

Party favourites

And then some favourite party games – pass the parcel and musical bumps … the pass the parcel had forfeits in between layers and enough presents for everyone to have one each in the middle (Lego notepads)

Then it was time for the birthday boy to blow out the candles on his cake, parents started to turn up to collect their kids (phew!), I had already placed all the party bags in the hall ready to go before the party started, so it was easy to hand them out as people left.

The party bags contained these cute little Lego soaps (I found on eBay) balloons, and their t shirts to take home with them…

It was a great day, totally exhausting as any parent will appreciate; I was relieved to sink into a hot bath that evening with a glass of wine …

I hope this has given you a few ideas for your kids party, if you have a Lego nut too you might want to visit my Pinterest page where I have pinned some of the great ideas that inspired me …

And – if you are enjoying my blog then feel free to visit (and ‘like’) my Facebook page and share this post with any other parents planning a party who might find it useful (I hope!)

And, before you go – I have written a post all about my daughter’s party here and  party etiquette here (all relevant, all equally entertaining I hope!)

Thank you for dropping by,

Enjoy the party!

Jules xx

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