This is a kid tea that I knocked up in about 20 minutes, it is really super easy and very tasty.

I used potatoes and peas but you could add cauliflower to the mix – it would work well and if your kids are super fussy (like mine) they probably won’t notice that they are eating veg.

Basically take some spuds, peel and boil until soft, add some frozen peas in towards the end of the cooking time and saute some onions whilst the spuds are cooking.  Mash it all together with some curry powder.  Start with a bit of curry powder and keep tasting, add as much as you think your little ones will stand!

Add some more frozen peas into the mix and combine.  Shape into individual patties with your hands and pop onto an oiled baking dish.  Pop in a hot oven until brown around the edges.

Cucumber raita

Whilst the pakoras are crisping up in the oven combine natural yoghurt with some chopped mint and finely chopped cucumber.  Season with salt and pepper.

you can serve with pitta bread, some shredded lettuce, raita, mango chutney and maybe even some tomato salad .. I find if I leave the food in the middle of the table the kids love helping themselves, they much prefer this to having a plateful of food dished up in front of them. 

Tuck in!

Jules x

3 thoughts on “Quick kid friendly tea.  Potato and pea pakoras with cucumber and mint raita

  1. These sound delicious! I’d quite like a plate of them for lunch right now! You’re right about the kids preferring to help themselves from the table – only problem is that one of my kids is a bit too selective about what he puts on his plate then!!

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