When I was offered a hydrotherm massage at the Bloomsbury Clinic I jumped at the chance, I was assured that if I was to try any treatment, this had to be the one.

Hydrotherm massage…

…is massage delivered whilst the client lies on their back on a heated water filled pad.  The client does not need to suffer the indignity of having to roll over during treatment, the water remains warm and comfortable throughout, and, as the therapist works on one area of the body the hydrotherm pad massages away too ..

Calluna therapies

Heather Botting of Calluna Therapies  is a practitioner offering a bespoke service that encompasses far more then just a one size fits all massage.  Heather is highly skilled and has undertaken extensive training to deliver hydrotherm massage treatments that are designed to intuitively ‘listen’ to the body and respond to those areas requiring work.  Heather is clearly passionate about her practice and has trained extensively to be able to offer a bespoke service that is individually tailored to her clients needs.

My treatment

Heather began by running through my expectations from the experience, asking me about my medical history and whether I had any particular ailments that required work.  I was then instructed how to lie on the couch (see below) The couch itself had a full length water heat thermospa pad on top and I lay on top of this on my back (that’s not me by the way, that’s Heather demonstrating how to lie on the pad, I wasn’t wearing much at all when it was my turn so I spared you those pics)

I have honestly never experienced anything so supremely comfortable and relaxing.  It was utter heaven and laying on the warm floaty pad seemed enough to send me to sleep and then Heather started the massage which was really amazing because whilst she is massaging one side of my body the pad is massaging my other side.  Complete bliss – I kid you not.  Heather also uses her own homemade blend of massage cream made using almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils.  It left my skin feeling butter soft and not greasy at all.

Heather has studied physiology and is therefore able to understand and treat any underlying causes of pain or discomfort.  She picked up some tension in my left shoulder and the backs of my calfs (I will insist on wearing heels and crouching over a computer for too many hours).. she particularly worked on these areas and I feel considerable relief already.

Conventional massage has often left me feeling uncomfortably cold by the end of the session, In contrast the warmth felt from lying on the warm water enabled me to relax deeper into the treatment and I was toasty throughout.

The other huge bonus was that I was able to remain in one position – no awkward peeling myself off a vinyl covered couch to roll over (I know, it is undignified) and Heather was able to massage my back by sliding her hands and arms between me and the water.  l honestly don’t think I could go back to having a convential massage after this.

Pregnancy massage and hydrotherm

Heather is also trained in pregnancy massage and delivering sensitive treatments to those suffering from cancer, the benefits of which are widely recognised and valued.  Heather prepares a treatment plan tailored to the individual and provides a written letter of her initial findings.

During my last two pregnancies I had regular pregnancy massage to help ease some of the discomfort I was experiencing.  I have to be honest, I struggled to get comfortable for a convential massage, it is really awkward to lie down with a huge bump.  Heather explains that she is able to massage pregnant women with them sitting in a more upright position (always more comfortable with a bump) and they are able to remain in the same position for the duration of the treatment, this would have been the perfect for me plus of course the added benefit of floating on water which would have helped alleviate any problems with pressure points.  This really is the answer when it comes to maintaining comfort during pregnancy massage.  I only wish I had been aware of it when I had my children!

Of course you don’t need any specific issues to warrant a treatment from Heather.  It is certainly the perfect aid for relaxation and stress relief and therefore the perfect present to yourself anytime.  I know I will be back for sure..

I have found my zen.

J x

Heather has a Facebook page here where you can find further information on the range of treatments Calluna Therapies offer in addition to news and special offers.  Currently she is running an offer on a course of pregnancy massage details of which are here

For appointments please contact Heather Botting on 07817 236667 or email: callunatherapies@gmail.com http://www.callunatherapies.com

One thought on “Hydrotherm – massage whilst floating on water..

  1. I must admit this has really tempted me for general pain relief (non-pregnancy related therapy) though I didn’t know much about it until reading your post. Thanks for sharing, will have to keep something like this in mind! x

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