Bloomsbury Clinic in Steyning is a tucked away haven of tranquility that offers the ultimate in the most cutting edge, innovative treatments and exercise classes under one roof.  I had to share with you my recent find and why I love this place so much ..

Like most women I have always absolutely relished some ‘me time’ and one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind has to be at a spa or beauty clinic… it may feel indulgent but believe me, this time is essential.  I am constantly running around after the kids and barely get chance to sit down and eat a meal uninterrupted so going out of the house and taking some time for myself is much appreciated and I always return home so much better for it because we all need to take time out of our busy lives to relax, breathe, and listen to our bodies.

The clinic

There are the places that you visit for your basic maintenance (hair removal) and then there are the clinics that really do go the extra mile to understand their clients, and recommend therapies that can help.

Bloomsbury Clinic falls into the latter category.  The team of highly skilled therapists clinic offer a wide range of treatments ranging from beauty therapy to complimentary and clinical treatments.

I have always loved a massage as a wonderful way of relaxing and unwinding and I was intrigued by the hydrotherm massage on offer, described as follows:

          “combining heat, flotation and massage, the treatment is carried up on two warm water cushions, supporting the  client providing perfect spinal alignment during the treatment..

..this unique massage is carried out facing you, so no turning over half way through. Simply lay there, relax and let the warmth and soothing movement of the water cushions give you one of the best massage experiences in the world today..”

This I had to try it and you can read all about my experience  here

The Studio

The clinic benefits from an attached studio that offers various yoga, Pilates and ballet stretch classes.  It is also used as a venue for “time to talk” sessions run by the NHS (psychological therapy sessions offering a range of talking therapies e.g. cognitive behaviour therapy for a wide range of problems such as beraeavement issues, OCD and depression).  The sessions are run by qualified psychologists and individuals are able to self refer to the service.  The pictures below depict a cozy space to talk .. exercise classes were in session so I was unable to intrude to take snaps of the space used for classes but I did poke my head in, classes are small and intimate, the instructor was able to provide individual attention to participants which is quite special and so helpful.  Quite a contrast to the larger classes I have attended in the past as a member of a gym..

Bloomsbury Clinic also has a sister branch in Rustington, directions and contact details to both clinics and a further information regarding the full list of treatments available can be found on their website here and you can also find Bloomsbury on Facebook for all the latest news and special offers here.

10 thoughts on “Bloomsbury Clinic, Steyning. A true oasis of calm and tranquility..

    1. The hydrotherm massage is truly amazing, I honestly don’t think I can have a convential massage again. My review of the hydrotherm massage will be published tomorrow. Thank for your comment and dropping by 😊


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