I used to live in jeans but post kids my body shape has changed and I now just don’t feel that comfy in them.  I tend to stick to black trousers, dresses or skirts.  I have heard wonderful things about Marks and Spencer’s denim collection, that it is designed with ‘real’ women’s body shapes in mind, that it is not only super stylish and comfortable but also very affordable (prices start at £15).  I had to try..

So I popped into my local M&S to try a few styles on to see if I could actually fall in love with denim again.  What is it though with changing rooms?! All those mirrors angled at you from all directions (gosh, I didn’t realise I had so much ‘orange peel’ cellulite on the rear of my thighs.. eugh).. I tried not to look too closely and persevered with the task in hand.

I don’t have slender long legs anymore.  I don’t know what happened to them, maybe I’ve squished as I’ve got older, anyway my thighs are too big for my liking,  I want to look like I am dressing my age – not as if I’m trying to cram myself in my daughter’s clothes.  I want jeans to be classic and look chic, minimising any bulge and (hopefully) slenderising my pins. So to the jeans..

I had a good old rummage through and selected a handful to try on.  I’m not a fan of the dreaded jeggings (just that word makes me shudder) and I steer clear of trend led buys (motifs/distressing etc) I also think a darker indigo wash or (washed out) black is much more flattering.  I also cannot stand boot cut jeans and I really don’t see the point of cropped jeans either (90% of the year you cannot wear them in the UK).   I also think ‘mom’ jeans or high waisted are unflattering, low rise are a no no, so mid rise are a happy compromise.  I have kids, I need to be able to bend over and not reveal my arse to the world.


Now a classic, these look fab on young things and some older skinny people I know but on me they tend to look daft.  Also I find them blooming uncomfortable and I tend to bulge over the waistband and be in agony if I bend over.  Sometimes I can get away with wearing them in the morning but by lunchtime I’m like the Incredible Hulk – bustin out of them.  

However.. These skinnies looked and felt great, very sexy.  They are high waisted (hide the bulge and no bum crack revealed when you bend over) I also love the subtle frayed bottoms (bang up to date).  I would wear with flats, boots or heels (but no trainers please – not a good look).  Still wasn’t convinced they suited me, I feel a bit too old to wear them and I actually prefer a mid rise because I think it’s a bit sexier.

mid rise straight

These ones (above) are a more flattering waist with the high rise but I didn’t feel that great in them. Maybe it’s just my body shape, I’m sure they would have looked better on slender legs, I tried on the shorter length, I quite like the kick flare and they is more comfort to them then the skinnies but just didn’t do it for me.

Another pair of mid rise straight jeans.  A much more flattering dark indigo wash this time, these were lovely and I was very tempted ..

And so to the winner…. (drum roll please!) the relaxed slim jean.  I knew as soon as I pulled these on that they were ‘the ones’. The cut, the length, the wash (3 colourways are available)..oh, and the price.  Only £25. Absolute bargain, these really are fabulous jeans and I feel a million dollars in them.  Not too tight, the right rise, comfortwise I have worn them all day and feel great in them, obviously my cashmere leggings will always win indoors but out and about you can’t beat them.  Interestingly I am a 12 and I fitted easily into a 10, the 12 won because I wanted to disguise the shape of my thighs a bit and the extra slouch helps.. I really do recommend you try before you buy or order a couple of sizes.

And here I am wearing them with my M&S vintage blouse and jigsaw shoes.

Forever in blue jeans,

Jules x

5 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer’s relaxed slim jeans. A new classic.

  1. I went out shopping for some jeans a couple of weeks ago and came back empty handed as I couldn’t find anything to fit well at all! Never considered M&S jeans, though I usually find their stuff too pricey for my budget; £25 doesn’t sound too bad at all for a decent pair so thanks for the heads up! x

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  2. My MIL loves M&S jeans, she came back with about 6 pairs the other week. I am yet to try them myself, jean shopping is top of my “Most Dreaded Jobs” list, I end up buying the same pair in every colour as soon as I find something I’m vaguely happy with and then moan about them endlessly when I actually have to wear them!

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  3. I’m always being told off by my family for having my ‘builder’s bum’ out!
    Hate jeans shopping, the best fit I find are from Gap but I’ll check M&S out as they’re more purse-friendly.

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