The perfect veggie breakfast for me has to  include a bit more then a greasy hash brown and a few lukewarm baked beans. I have seen some dreadful attempts at catering for veggies, I tend to turn my nose up at most meat substitutes. (I’m not a great fan of quorn or those horrible ‘vegetable sausages’ made from frozen veg).  Above is my breakfast that I rustled up for myself this morning when I got back fro the school run.  Poached egg done to perfection (the white must be cooked and the yolk nice a runny). I added some avocado mashed in lime juice, rock salt and chilli flakes with some seasoned tomatoes all moped up with a flatbread.  Simple and delicious.

Actually I have to confess that I turn into a bit of a cross between Gordon Ramsey and Deborah Meaden (Dragons Den) when I eat out, which is probably why we don’t do it very often.  I’m also one of those people who can never find the ‘right’ seat and I drive everyone mad by insisting on moving at least a couple of times before I’m fully satisfied that I’m out of drafts, not sitting directly under the piped music, not too close to the toilets, etc etc .. these things are important right?

Anyway, back to the point of my post – the perfect veggie breakfast.  It must consist of a decent meat substitute – i.e. Grilled halloumi, a tasty veggie sausage or 2, poached to perfection eggs (not too runny, freshly cooked) or scrambled eggs rich and buttery (no water added please and cooked on the hob not in the microwave.  I can tell).  Baked beans are good, but please not cheap and nasty ones and make sure they are hot and and come on the plate with the rest of the food and not just plonked on the plate in a ramekin or other ridiculous vessel.  Grilled tomatoes are good too as long as they are vine ripened, tasty and seasoned well.  Toast needs to be a good quality wholemeal or sourdough, no margarine, butter only please.  Homemade bubble and squeak earns you a gold star.  And huevos rancheros done to perfection is absolute heaven.   This is  one of my favourite go to weekend brekkie recipes.
There, how simple was that? And who says I am fussy?

I recently went to a popular cafe near me for brekkie with a friend.  It was drafty, cold and on the way in the extractor fan blew the smell of fried food in my face.  Not good.  It did have some redeeming features though, the view is fabulous, the veggie breakfast needs some tweaking though.  My review:

The Perch @ Lancing beach

This café/restaurant is sited in a terrific location.  Just off the main coast road in Lancing with a cycle route running past the door, sitting directly on the beach with panoramic sea views throughout, this café/restaurant does, without question, enjoy one of the most enviable spots locally.  The building itself is divided into a restaurant section occupying approx. two thirds of the space and a bar/café area with seating inside and outside.

I called in with a friend this week for breakfast before a bit of shopping.  We sat in the seated restaurant area, it was a bit drafty and cold.  The menu is adequate, not extensive and they do not have a specials board; nevertheless the menu sounded delicious and appetising.  I ordered a vegetarian breakfast.  As I am not keen on mushrooms I asked for these to be replaced with another item; however I felt the vegetarian option was lacking in that it did not offer, for example, vegetarian sausage or halloumi; something to bulk it out a bit.

Despite the restaurant not being busy I was disappointed that I had to ask for our order to be taken, but the food arrived quickly and the waiting staff after that were extremely attentive.

The food was nice, but for the price I felt it was a bit sparse and most disappointingly the eggs were over cooked.  We did point this out to the waiting staff and I was surprised to learn that all the eggs are precooked and then reheated.  I struggle to understand why poached eggs could not have been freshly cooked to order, the restaurant was not busy at the time.

Overall impression? Overpriced and not particularly good value for money.
The breakfast was more style over substance although the view did a lot to make up for it.
But I would return.

As ever I would love to hear from you – what do you enjoy in a veggie breakfast and what do you hate to see in your plate? What bugs you when you eat out? Have you found a perfect cafe near you and what do you love about it? How do you feel about meat substitutes and which ones are your favourites? Please get in touch either by commenting below or on my Facebook account that can be found here.

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