I can’t live without either darling.  One of my mummy friends, a very stylish French lady screws her face up at man made fibres next to her skin.  On a recent shopping trip I spotted a garment that looked great, she tried it on and literally pulled a grimace. Yuk, it was 100% polyester!!  It was like I had just asked her to eat worms.  I can’t say that I’ve always been as fussy, if I do fall for something that I know is going to be short lived then I don’t really care but more recently I have been trying to slim down my wardrobe, sticking to classic pieces.  Over the years I have acquired some timeless pieces in silk and cashmere and trust me, once you’ve worn these luxurious items it is really really hard to go back.

And that doesn’t have to mean major expense.  I am a savvy shopper and I don’t pay through the nose for my clothes.  I rarely buy something unless it is reduced, I’m careful at seeking out promo codes and I love finding gems in secondhand and vintage shops. And a classic blouse will last me a lifetime.

And if you are looking on the high street there are some bargains out there:

The top one is from H&M who do a fantastic premium line, the gorgeous Isabel Marant is cotton gauze, ok not silk, but super luxurious looking with the metallic thread and massively reduced here.

This one is a fantastic sale purchase ..

Researching this post I also stumbled across these beauties, they are pure silk and will, if looked after well will be a classic item in your wardrobe..

They are both available from The Kooples.  I also love this one from & other stories..

And if like me you love marant and self portrait but haven’t got the cash there is always mango and good old H&M:

The blouses above are H&M and the dress is from mango, it is from their premium line and pure silk, I would wear it during the day with a t shirt under and a slouchy cashmere jumper on top. Sumptuous living.  Don’t wait for a special occasion, wear the whole ensemble everyday..

Silk camisoles under slouchy cashmere cardies are another go to look that I will wear every day, hush have a lovely range of camisoles and I love this cardigan from & otherstories ..

And to sling over the top you need cashmere.  I have picked up Marks and Spencer’s cashmere jumpers on eBay cheaply.  Not secondhand, they tend to be brand new seconds, I go for mens because I like a crew neck and a bit of slouch.  Uniqlo also sell inexpensive good quality cashmere.  If you look after it and hand wash (bit of a pain but worth it) then they will last and last.

And just to complete your whole sumptuous ensemble why not add a luxurious pair of velvet trousers? I picked up these in the sale in M&S this week for only £12!!  They look great with my converse, I did see the jacket too, but managed to reign myself in at that point..

I hope you enjoyed a fashion fix, I would love to hear what you think.. please comment below, would you like to see more or less of this on my blog? I’m struggling a bit to find a niche at the moment so it would be great to hear your views.  

Thanks as ever,

Jules x

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