I hate January.  It’s grey, cold and dreary.  What’s to like about it? One of my mummy friends husband takes a dip in the sea every day at this time of year.  Swears by it.  Makes him feel alive, apparently.  I think it would be the death of me.

I may tease some of my friends about their NYE resolutions, and if I’m honest might feel a tad intimidated by all the neon Lycra clad mummies on the school run but I tend to agree that exercise does have a profound effect on energy levels and general wellbeing.  I am an ex member of a gym.  I endured an initiation session from some upstart who could have been my kid; briefed on how to use all the instruments of torture,  before sharing a motivational ‘high 5’ and being left to my own devices..

I soon tired of stretching myself on a rack, felt repulsed by all the creasoted sweaty muscles gathered around the water cooler and decided to have a go at a class.  My PT recommended legs bums and tums.  Sod that for a game of soldiers I said and plumped for the most gruelling class available, patience is not a virtue and I wanted quick results.  ‘Insanity’ lived up to its name, HIT training is all the rage apparently and once over, the feeling of euphoria is utterly out of this world.  I did enjoy the jacuzzi and sauna bit though.

So, what is the answer? Well, I’m going to have a go at exercising like a Parisian; eating well, a bit of yoga, pilates, spa, lots of wonderful skin products, massage and bracing walks or cycling in the fresh air followed by green juices and avocado brunches.  But I need to look the part.  No neon Spandex for me, no siree, slouchy t shirts borrowed from my other half with a oversized sweatshirt or cardigan thrown over will look effortless and cool.  I’ll maybe wear some slouchy comfy trousers with the whole ensemble or black leggings, vans or a battered pair of white trainers if I’m feeling really energetic.

These ones are available here and by falke.  As they are made with wool and not just pure spandex, they will be super comfy and warm for a walk or bike ride:

Or, if like me you prefer something a little baggier, at least until you have shed some blubber you might like this kind of thing:

I love these t shirts from selfish mother available here

Put on a bit of wham and you could soon be bopping around the kitchen in this

What about this absolute bargain from dandy star (I love their prints btw):

Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves slightly to give that nonchalant look ..

If you haven’t checked out la redoute then you really need to.  They have up to 60% off at the mo, I love this mesh vest wear over a comfy (if you can find one) sports bra:

Just sling on a slouchy cardigan like this one from & other stories available here:

Or try uniqlo or M&S in the men’s section.  A grey sweatshirt like this one (currently on sale) will do:
Or this one from mango reduced to £15.99!

Don’t forget to size up and go slouchy.

And how about something like this on your feet:

The trainers above are from asics, they will look too glow in the dark to begin with so you might want to walk through some muddy puddles with them on before venturing into the gym looking to much like a newbie. La redoute also have a great range, heavily discounted:

And if I’m just brunching and pretending to exercise there are always vans ..

I also like the look of Rosie Huntington -whiteley colab with M&S ..

M&S have done it again and produced a fantastic pair of cashmere joggers ..

A bit pricey but maybe worth hanging on to see if they go into the sale ..

And don’t forget your hydration!

The ones above a from a selection at H&M and urban outfitters.

If you really get into the yoga I think one of these would be great (I just wish I could do this!):

H&M again, it’s worth browsing their site, they have some great gym stuff reasonably priced.. and whatever you do don’t forget the sunglasses 😎

And spa products, because lets face it, we have to have some pleasure at the end of all that pain..

All of the above I have used and can vouch that they are fabulous and available from your local M&S.  if you sign up for a sparks card you get special offers, it’s well worth doing and costs nothing.

Until next time, enjoy a bit of me time..


Jules xx

5 thoughts on “No neon spandex for me …

  1. That sweater is a good buy from Mango on offer! Some good picks here, though I know there will still be someone out there as I write this wearing their neon spandex and thinking “they just don’t make clothes like they used to…”!

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