I am really lucky to have my friend and fellow blogger Lynne Jarrett guest posting for me today.  Lynne, like myself is passionate about cooking, healthy eating and how it impacts on the body.  This interest has, understandly, become even more important since her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis.

Lynne has good and bad days, she has learnt to listen to her body and to rest up when needed.  She has undergone extensive treatment for the disease and, in combination with gentle exercise (She is a practising yoga teacher) is able to lead a relitively normal life, she lives with her husband and two young children on the south coast.  I love her blog, her positive attitude to life and of course her cooking.  This comfort soup is perfect for using up leftover veg from the fridge..



My poor stomach has reached its limit. And that means that so have I.
I have Multiple Sclerosis, so taking care of myself has a huge effect on how I feel from day to day. Continually over indulging in an extra slice of cake here or a larger glass of wine there and I can be wiped out for a few days. It doesn’t take long at all before my balance is well and truly unbalanced.
After so many days of too much of everything, I am now in desperate need of a simple meal.
Staring into the fridge, I can see various pots of leftover veggies, crying out to be used up and popped into my “I-can’t-really-be-arsed-to-make-a-soup-but-I-really-need-a -homemade-soup”soup.
So here goes. The laziest homemade soup ever which is easily adaptable to whatever is in your fridge. If you haven’t got the ingredients below, it doesn’t really matter. An onion, leek or a few spring onions alongside a potato (white or sweet) are always a good base for a soup. Frozen veggies would be just as good for this purpose (I sometimes throw in some frozen spinach towards the end to add a bit of extra iron). Add a veggie stock cube, bouillon or a stock pot and that’s a really good start. I also add lots of black pepper too as it’s great for warming in a gentle way. I am not a fan of garlic, cream or cheese in a soup, as I like mine to be gentle and easy to digest, but you can adapt it to whatever suits your taste buds. The key is to listen to what you fancy. Your instinct will tell you what you need in your own personal comfort soup. It is probably different for everyone.
Peas, broccoli and anything else you have kicking around which needs to be “souped”. A bendy carrot is totally acceptable here…

Peeled and diced potato (cooked or raw would be fine)

Leek – chopped and washed

Vegetable stock – I use about a pint and a half, depending on how thick I want it to be.

Mixed herbs – or anything else you have such as parsley, thyme etc.

Salt and Pepper to taste (put it in gradually so you don’t overdo the salt)

If you have any lentils or chick peas or butter bead they go really well in this too, but if your digestion is suffering, leave them out for another day!

Fry all vegetables in a little oil (I use cold pressed rapeseed) for about 5 minutes and add herbs and a little salt and pepper.

Make up stock, and add to pan. Make sure there is enough liquid to cover the veg and a bit more. If you like it more liquidy then a bit more still.

Cook until potatoes are just about to fall apart if whizzing and a bit less if you like your soup un-whizzed (check and stir every 5 or so mins, but if veg are small enough it will be done in about 10 minutes).

Leave to stand for 5mins if you’re whizzing. Whizz and serve with a big fat chunk of bread and butter and marmite and/or a lump of cheese.

Eat, dip and enjoy!!

Here’s to happy and healthy tummies
Lynne xx



One thought on “Homemade soup to feed body and soul ..

  1. Reblogged this on Life in my MS-y house and commented:
    Hello lovely readers,
    I’m very lucky to live in a great place full of people who are really interested in what I have to say about MS and other life stuff such as nutrition and lifestyle choices which help me to live happily and healthily. A fellow blogger and friend asked me to write this recipe blog for her, so here it is. Juliet’s blog is a great resource for veggie recipes, family ideas and shopping tips. Go and take a look!! Lynne x

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