At the end of every year I feel the same. Exhausted (post Xmas), eager to take down the decorations, get rid of the tree and get the house straight.  I’ve had enough.  I start looking forward to the kids going back to school and having some time to myself again.

New Year’s Eve has always been a bit of an anti climax if you ask me, these days I struggle to stay awake past 10, I don’t want to be out when it’s cold and dark out there or even worse still, if it is raining.  What a killjoy.  Is everyone else having a good time? What are you up to tonight?

This year we have lost my mother in law, okay, admittedly I didn’t always have a great relationship with her but I appreciated the many good qualities she had; she adored the kids and was extremely generous, fair and kind to many people.  

She is a great loss to the kids,  she used to call us nearly every day and loved to hear what they had been up to.

As a nation we have lost a lot of great people, for me, the sudden death of George Michael on Christmas day was a real shock.  I grew up  in the 1980’s and his music was the soundtrack of my teenage years.  I feel as though I have lost those carefree days of youth all over again.  All credit to my husband who has been incredibly long suffering; listening to George’s greatest hits on repeat, ad nauseum as I bop around the kitchen.
So I’m feeling a bit melancholy this New Year’s Eve, I’m not about to even attempt to compete with all the wonderful Instagram shots of parties, glad rags and general merriment. I’m in my Jim jams and slippers supping a glass of Asda champagne (£10 a bottle, it’s not bad actually).  The husband is attempting one of the kids Xmas pressies;  A billion piece puzzle. We know how to rock NYE in this house.

(Excuse the Lego strewn floor)
A very happy new year to you all, I’d love to hear what you have been doing tonight, I can live vicariously through you I hope! Just scroll down and comment below …

Jules xx


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