I’ve had enough of all the irritatingly jolly music belting out everywhere I go, hiding the bride of Chucky (the elf – just another chore, how did I get sucked into another Americanism to hate?)  I’ve also been trying to get a Christmas delivery slot on ocado because I should have booked it in the Summer.  Arrghh!!

Presents need wrapping.  I normally save that one for Xmas eve when I’m really up against it only to discover that there are toys to be assembled, (because NOTHING comes assembled anymore) and there is always one ‘thoughtful’  neighbour who drops a card through the door at the eleventh hour  forcing me to rummage in drawers for a spare card because I simply have to reciprocate, I’m  just hoping they don’t notice that the envelope doesn’t  match.

In addition to all of that I hate having to feign appreciation at ridiculously stupid gifts.  My mother in law (god rest her soul) had a long standing love affair with JML. Amongst many of the gems that turned up in the post were matching slankets for myself and husband, a quishion (a cross between a cushion and quilt – cushion unzips along side to reveal ‘useful’ quilt, a handbag hook (so I never need to put my handbag on the floor again when in a cafe or restaurant, rubber toothbrush covers (keeps germs off your toothbrush enabling bacteria to multiply within).

Or how about Kirsty Allsop’s  book on home handicrafts? (Prefect present when you have a baby and a toddler; because lets face it most of us are twiddling our thumbs in this situation. Not).

So I bring you my letter to Santa.  Maybe it will give your partner some inspiration, if he is anything like my one he is lastminute.com and needs a nudge in the right direction. Or you could cut out the middle man and just go out and buy what you want anyway and tell him not to bother; you have been kind and taken the burden off him this year..

Starting with pricey and working my way down I would absolutely love a break here:


Because I’m going to need to chill out in a spa after Christmas, it’s been so busy and stressful at times..  I also love this part of north Cornwall ❤❤ I always feel so relieved to get there and just love the breathtaking coastline.  Such a contrast to the industrial landscape of the coast where I live.  The bonus with this spa is that they use cowshed products. Yes please !!

I always think jewellery makes the perfect present and I love Loulou Frost

I’m also trying to declutter and have taken a lot of books to the charity shop, one of these would be very welcome:

I’m also after another Dutch bike, this time just for me without the box, I love these bikes because I’m sitting upright and with a bad back this works better for me, I also love having a lockable frame (so convenient) and don’t they look fab? The amsterdammers in Brighton stocks a great range including secondhand. For just less then £150 I think this is a great buy:

Yes, this one is marked as sold but it’s worth dropping by; they have a great range and you are bound to find something you like.  The guy who runs it is very knowledgable and helpful.

I also like housey stuff. I’m on the hunt for a reasonably priced one of these to reupholster for the corner of my bedroom, would love the footstool to go with it ..

I’ve recently got into sewing, I’ve just made some curtains for my sons bedroom, this was a great buy and would make a perfect present if you enjoy getting creative:

More housey stuff, I spotted this the other day in Ikea.  It’s made for my hallway:

And, I think a house without art is totally lacking personality. I absolutely love Hockney and have a print of this on canvas and I love it because it makes me think of summer..

I have just acquired a drinks trolley and it needs stocking.  These will do nicely because I love a bit of vintage ..

And these slippers are so cosy too:

I actually gave these to eldest daughter and here she is modelling them (so comfortable and snug from M&S)

I tend to buy her the sort of thing I would love to receive, like this hand knit cable jumper from etsy:

And my current favourite perfume:

I will never be disappointed if I unwrap some nuxe gorgeousness on the day..

So, I present my round up of random stuff I’m currently coveting. I hope it has inspired you? Is there anything that takes you fancy? What is on your Christmas list this year? I would live to hear from you! Please comment below ..

Here’s hoping for no naff presents this year! (How ungrateful do I sound, I know)..

Jules x



4 thoughts on “My letter to Santa ..

  1. Ha! Not all Americans do the Elf on a shelf thing – *shivers* I do NOT!! lol
    And as for your list of wants, they all sound lovely. I would especially like a spa retreat! ^_^

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