Christmas is definitely an excuse to crack open the glitter, although I love metallics anytime of the year I do like to go a bit overboard at this time of the year.

One of the easiest ways to indulge is a bit of glittery make up.  Stila magnificent metals is my current favourite..

       Mix the primer with the eyeshadow to make a paste before applying I've got the silver and gold.  Gold has to be my favourite

I’ve got the eyeliner too in the black/gold colour, I wear it during the day too .. don’t just save it for best!

I also love some sequins on my clothes ..

Both way out of my reach .. preen. *sigh*

For something more affordable:

Last years Boden sequin skirt.  I love the fit and colour. I’ve spotted some on eBay.  I would wear it during the day with a sweatshirt or just a plain jumper ..simple flats.. that kind of thing..

I love the slouchy fit if this top from my favourite &other stories.  I’m looking for something long sleeved; hate anything tight fitting at the best of times but def not when it’s plastered in sequins

And for a party why not go the whole hog ..

For a less obtrusive party ready look jewellery always does the trick or you could add a sparkly clutch bag.  I love lulu frost at the more expensive end but I also adore the z for accessorize collection.

This 1920’s style bag is from accessorize ..

For a bit of cheap chic  I spotted these bargains in store21 today ..

Remember, don’t wait for a party to put on some Xmas sparkle.  Adding a bit, mixing it in with jeans and a slouchy knit looks great during the day – you can plaster yourself head to toe in it after dark.  Have fun!

Jules x

Ps – don’t forget some sequins for the house! How about these baskets from not on the high street. Multi purpose – toy storage, plant pot .. answers on a postcard please (or even the comments box!) 

2 thoughts on “A bit of razzle dazzle

  1. totally need a bit more of sparkle in my wardrobe! use to dare it more..might be time for a come back! great post. i love your sense of contrast and light touches of fun within your timeless look! keep the posts coming and please get a button somewhere I can click on to follow your blog!X

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