What do you eat at Christmas then?! The horrified look says it all.  “Nut roast” I reply.  They look at me stunned.  I feel compelled to reassure them that I will be ok, I’m not going to die of iron deficiency or miss out on any festive tradition just because I won’t have ‘a bird’ in the house.
I know I should probably be talking about Christmas shopping (and I will get around to it) but I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit Scrooge at the moment, my current state of Xmas fatigue might have something to do with the fact that it all began a bit too early for my liking and that means we are all expected to be really organised by now and I’m not.  It used to be tradition in my family that you rushed around on Christmas Eve buying presents, t’interweb didn’t exist and the shops were full of other excited shoppers doing the same, now we have amazon prime I never really need to leave the house.  

Christmas is all about maxing the credit card, panic buying food until supermarkets become empty like in Russia, eating too much food, collapsing on the sofa and sleeping because we can’t physically move we are so stuffed, watching bad telly, eating again because we are bored and then wondering when Marks and Spencer’s opens so we can go and join the huge queue returning unwanted gifts.  But I do enjoy the food (and drink) bit and always wonder why it’s the only time of year that I buy pickled onions (because they are really very good).

 I always make a nut roast with all the trimmings, I don’t go bonkers with fancy veggies mainly because I don’t want to spend all morning in the kitchen missing out on playing with the kids and watching them enjoy their presents.  A few years ago I discovered Jamie Oliver’s incredible nut roast, and by ‘eck it really lives up to its name.  It tastes amazing, so many Christmassy flavours with the chestnuts and cranberries all topped off with a delicious salsa rosso picante sauce.  I’m giving you the link below to the recipe.  I serve it with roast spuds, carrots, mashed swede, brussel sprouts and some red cabbage.  The nut roast can be made the previous day and stored in the fridge.  I make the picante sauce and prepare the veggies on Xmas day morning, I rope my husband in to help prep and it doesn’t take long between us.  I normally make a quick cauliflower cheese or pop some veggie sausages on for the kids to go with their veg (they are so excited it’s hard to get them to eat anything let’s face it).  

Next week I have my kids ‘winter celebration’ at school to enjoy, complete with Morris dancing shepherds (my daughter is one of them).  I love this spin on the nativity as much as I enjoy a traditional Christmas panto with all the innuendo and crass jokes.. Christmas has changed or should I say ‘evolved’ and I need to embrace it, next week I promise I will be feeling a bit more in the spirit of it all ..

Until then have a good weekend,

Jules x

>>> Jamie Oliver’s Incredible Nut Roast <<<

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