I would describe myself as an unfashionable blogger.  I don’t get sucked into trends and I hate throw away fashion.  I am therefore surprised that I am consistently asked where I buy my clothes from because I don’t actually put very much effort into my look.  I’m not a high maintenance woman but friends admire my ‘style’ and have asked for some ‘tips’ to be included in my blog.  I have decided to begin with some ideas around building a capsule wardrobe..
After the shameful realisation after my lastest house move that I owned far too many clothes that was reasonable for one person to own, I decided to slim down my wardrobe and focus on building a classic capsule of good quality staples that were easily interchangeable yet stylish and chic.  I made a conscious decision to depart from buying impulse trend led buys that were often discarded after only a handful of outings. 

First up I am going to start with the coat.  I knew exactly what I wanted, something that I could bring out year in year out (ok, well actually a small selection not just the one).  It had to be well cut, sit below my bum, be made from quality fabric and in either navy, camel, charcoal grey or tweed.  I didnt want black.  I rarely wear black because I think the colour drains me.  I’m also happy to look for ‘the coat’ pretty much anywhere; it doesn’t have to be designer.  (Infact I spotted a wonderful vintage navy wool coat from marks and Spencer’s this week in my local Red Cross shop.  Feel free to snap it up if you are in Shoreham!).

So to my selection of the best out there on the high street right now:

This camel coat is the dream. But of course you don’t need to spend silly money.  I tried on a gorgeous cashmere blend camel coat in marks and Spencer’s recently and I can vouch for its qualify, it was soft and utterly gorgeous..

Also Zara have a nice one:

This one from John Lewis looks like a good cut ..

And because I love and other stories This one is  really tempting..

Also this navy one from topshop is a nice alternative and very similar to one of my favourites that I bought from marks and Spencer’s a few years ago now but wear constantly ..

I love charcoal too but don’t tend to wear it myself much now since I have lightened my hair.  But there is nothing stopping you ..


And other stories
and other stories

These are both in marks and Spencer’s.  I have tried on the one on the right, it is in the limited collection and under £100. It’s a great coat.

I also love a bit of leopard and faux fur.  Below are just a few of the beauties I found online, I would probably check out a vintage shop for a good selection too.

The leopard one is in M&S.  The other two are from whistles.

This is just a small selection of some of the coats I love.  I must just include one more that I found amongst the best of British selection at M&S… 

It’s Harris tweed!! I’m very excited about this one and would love to try it on.  They don’t have much stock in my local M&S so I will have to order it online.  I like the sloucyness of it, it looks as though I could comfortably wear bulky jumpers underneath.

I hope you have enjoyed my edit and it has provided you with some ideas to go looking for your own perfect timeless coat.  Maybe it could go on your list for Santa? 

Nothing beats going to a few shops with a good selection and having a good trying on session before finding which style/hue works best for you.  I would love to hear how you get on and if any of the above appeal enough for you to make a purchase.. please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts..

Enjoy your shopping,


8 thoughts on “How to build a capsule wardrobe. Part one: coats

  1. oooh a good coat!or a few actually! the problem with too many coats is the size of your wardrobe! an idea for a future post perhaps?! I have always fancied a faux fur one. it is like wearing a teddy bear…so cosy. but can be tricky not to be too tacky, and often vintage ones have slightly too short sleeves..or is it me with over sized arms? but i keep looking! I love the slouchy look on the Harris tweed and the fact that anything will fit underneath, nothing worst than being all tight in your coat!I might treat myself to a trip around some shops and wait for the sale in January! Santa is still looking for a job! thanks for sharing all your tips lady J!

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