I tend to resent making separate meals but the humble cauliflower is so versatile and easy to whip into a kid classic – mac cheese and spiced yellow cauliflower (at the same time) that you really need to try it.

These quantities should comfortably feed 2 kids and 2 grown ups.

Take a large cauliflower.  Divide it roughly into one third for the kids and the rest can be for the grown ups.  Cook some macaroni pasta in a pan, when it is nearly done pop the cauliflower florets on the top to steam with the pasta.  (there really is no need for a separate pan).  Meanwhile pop some spices (couple teaspoons turmeric, 4 cardamom pods, 4 cloves, 1 bay leaf, small piece of cinnamon stick) in a pan with some rapeseed oil to infuse and put on some brown rice to cook. I give the cardamom pods a bash in my pestle and mortar before popping them in.

When the spices are infused pop in the remaining cauliflower florets and  a clove of crushed garlic. Stir well to coat the cauliflower in the spices.  Add a couple of large desert spoonfuls of water.  Place a tight fitting lid on top and keep it on a low heat to steam in the spices.

Now back to the kids meal: when the cauliflower is cooked (don’t let it get too soft) drain in a colinder.  Pick out the pieces of cauliflower and place into a blender with a hunk of mature cheddar and a generous glug of milk.  Whizz until you get a nice fine sauce.  Pour the pasta and sauce into an oven proof dish and grate some cheese on top, you could even pop some whole meal breadcrumbs on and pop under the grill.  TIP – if you are using breadcrumbs drizzle some olive oil over to make sure they go nice and crispy.  Or, as you are whizzing up you breadcrumbs in the blender you can pour oil into the spout as it whizzes and then no need to drizzle oil over.

It really is that simple, no roux, no stirring, no lumps or gloopy sauce.  Just a nice light cheese sauce made out of hidden veg!!

Back to your meal .. the cauliflower should be cooked now in all those yummy spices, all that is left to do is rustle up a tomato salad (chop red onion and tomatoes, mix with salt and pepper) serve with the brown rice and tomato salad and some mango chutney.  Yum 😊

Enjoy watching your kids devour some veg without even realising it..

I hope you enjoy your meal too.  Please subscribe to the blog if you never want to miss one of my posts! And thank you for dropping by..

Have a great weekend,

Jules x

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