[Update – the promotion period is over, but the style remains !]

Yay! sparks friends and family discount is on and just in case you don’t already have a sparks card, I am giving you my promo code here:

From tomorrow you will be able to enjoy 20% off everything in store and online.
It all kicks off on the 17th so come on ladies, I’ve even helpfully provided you with an edit of some of my favourite pieces to save you having to trawl through the website.
What are you waiting for?!..

Now I admit, I tend to only bother browsing their limited and autograph collections and M&S can be a bit hit and miss but in more recent years they have been rocking it particularly on the shoe and beauty front.  I should point out that I am not a trend led fashionista; I prefer classic, quality clothes and shy away from throwaway fashion.  In M&S I find that cashmere jumpers and thermal undies are my staple; however more recently I am tempted by their coats; classic wool blends in charcoal, camel, grey and navy.  I’m also partial to a bit of leopard as a neutral and they have a great leopard coat in this season.  And to the shoes.  Have you seen the shoes?!! Don’t bother with the ones in store, the best finds are normally always online.  Chloe-esque ballet flats  and nearly-Gucci loafers, fabulous velvet heels would look great with jeans and a slouchy sweatshirt on a night out.

And (getting excited now) the beauty section rocks some truly fabulous brands.  Nuxe, Ren and l’occitaine to name a few.  And stila on the make up side.

It is so true that once you have worn cashmere you will be converted.  Yes, it is expensive, but if you look after your cashmere then it will last and comfort wise you just can’t beat it. I have cashmere jumpers that are years old.  I also tend to buy mine from the men’s section because I like crew necks and a slouchy look.  I am tempted by the V necks in the women’s section, I would just size up to get a nice fit.
On my wish list are the cashmere pj trousers (above); heaven for slouching in and stylish enough to be seen out in with high tops.  However, as the budget won’t allow those right now I am going for some purse friendly thermal leggings for my slouching.

Next up, fancy a new coat? With the saving it might just be worth it.  I’ve been in store and tried lots on.  The cashmere camel blend coat I featured on Instagram feels wonderful on.  A classic and worth the investment.

Or I really love this one especially with the more obtainable price tag.

And to footwear – I love shoes.  Show me a woman who doesn’t love shoes! As a child when I used to be bought a new pair of shoes I would insist on them sitting on my bed beside me as I slept.  I haven’t changed, and I am so excited by some of these shoes.
Some will definitely be making their way into my basket..

And as for beauty, I’m going for my staples.  I really can’t live without:

But I also recommend this, in fact the whole range is very good and they often run promotions on it.  The super grape range was recommended by a friend of mine who is ‘in the know’. Because, let’s face it most of us can’t afford the higher end stuff.  I have used it a lot; I tend to buy when they are running special offers as they do frequently so you can pick up 3 for 2.  Also if you like nuxe the gift boxes are often good value, I would be very happy with one of their beautiful boxes under the Christmas tree and the same applies to REN.

Speaking of Christmas shopping This scent is gorgeous and reminds me of summer, and whilst I’m on the subject of scent have you tried Shay & Blue? It reminds me of Jo Malone fragrances without the price tag! I have this one and  it’s a truly gorgeous festive scent.

When it comes to make up I used to go for bold and bright, But I have toned down my look as I’ve got older; I don’t  like the look and feel of foundation on my skin and I never understand why people plaster it in especially during the day.  Recently I discovered Stila colour correcting serum – you should try it.   I was talked into a free makeover in my local store and when the make up artist used it I was completely sold.  It glides on, is light and evens out my skin tone leaving a dewy glow.  It is quite translucent and doesn’t look like a mask.  In the evening to boost it up I apply concealer only where required (under the eyes in my case).

Although powder form make up is a no go with my dry skin I do admire the range in Stila and I might be tempted to try this for an evening look. I already use these convertible colours for a bit of subtle cheek and lip colour during the day.  The creamy colour works on my dry skin and doesn’t just sit in my creases like powder.

It really has been hard to narrow down my shopping list but I have tried to provide you with some of the better bits.  Of course I will also have some ‘boring’ school uniform and socks in my basket (why do socks just disappear?) and hopefully my edit has provided you with some inspiration for Christmas pressies or maybe a treat for you.. enjoy your shopping!

ps- if you have problems with anything sold out on the website contact me and I can give you one of the vouchers I have to take into the store.

Jules x

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