I’m going to kick off my blog with a really easy teatime recipe.  This one is perfect for feeding starving kids who have just come in from school, thrown all their stuff all over the floor in the hall then go and open the fridge ready to raid it.  Get them helping you too to make these or have them pre made and ready to be devoured.

What I love about these mini quiches (minus the pastry) is that they are stuffed with hidden greenery,  yes spinach! Normally your kids would scream in horror at the mere suggestion of anything so wholesome yes? Am I right? I challenge them to notice the magic ingredient amongst all the tasty goodness because these little parcels pack a punch.

So, what do you need? Spinach (I use the baby tender stuff prewashed and handy)

img_0765A bunch of spring onions, 4 eggs, a splash of milk, butter and mature cheddar cheese.

First grease a muffin tin (the silicone ones work best).  Then finely chop the onions and spinach


Saute onions in a little oil, and add spinach towards end of cooking for a minute or so until wilted.  Set aside to cool.  Beat eggs with a splash of  milk and a knob of melted butter.  Spoon a little of the spinach mix into each muffin compartment, top with egg mix and sprinkle with grated cheddar.

Cook at 180 for 10 mins or until golden and fluffy.  Leave to cool off slightly when out of the oven and then parcels should pop out easily from the muffin tray.

These parcels can either be eaten on their own as a snack or part of a lunch box or as a more substantial tea with, for example, new potatoes and a tomato and cucumber salad.



enjoy 🙂




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